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Bethany Miner
Bethany Miner

Bethany is a home-grown superstar here at TalkTime. She worked hard to become a leading Sales Consultant before attracting the recognition that lead to her appointment as an Ambasssador for Citrus County.

Where am I from?
I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but I moved to Florida when I was young. I have lived in Crystal River for 11 years.

How did I find myself at TalkTime?
Before Talk Time I owned a clothing store. I ended up selling it in order to finish my college degree and focus on my family. As my kids got older I felt the pull back to work.

What do I love about the mobile industry?
I love everything tech! Working in the mobile wireless world keeps me up to date with all the tech that I love.

What makes TalkTime a unique place to work?
What makes working for TalkTime so unique is that I can really be my self. I love the freedom to be who I am while connecting and helping others.

What else would I like you to know about me?
Out of everything that I have done in my life, nothing is more important to me than my children. They are by far the best thing I have ever done. I have 4 beautiful children, 3 boys and one princess. I am lucky enough to have found the love of my life at the age of eighteen. He is my husband, best friend and biggest fan.

My favorite quote/s:
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

Store Locations:

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