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Fernando Mejia
Fernando Mejia

Fernando opened the first TalkTime Store location on Christmas Eve, 2005. He leads with a positive and ambitious spirit that brings out the best in every TalkTime crew member.

Where am I from?
Honduran Immigrant from Minnesota!

How did I find myself at TalkTime?
I was working in the Auto Industry in Pasco/Hernando . I wanted to utilize all my time and hard work to better the future for my family. What I discovered was a much larger goal - not only to better my family, but also better the future of my staff and their families, and become an inspiration to this community that anything is possible with faith and hard work.

What do I love about the mobile industry?
It always changes and keeps you on your toes, much like life. Change within the wireless world or sooner or later it can change you.

What makes TalkTime a unique place to work?
TalkTime Store is a family. Our staff , our customers, and even our vendors. We do not quit on staff easily. We believe in developing skills, talents and hardwork. Our customers are our guests on our sales floors and are greeted and treated with the utmost respect and provided an excellent experience every visit.

What else would I like you to know about me?
Dreamer, fearless, bleed Metro purple and Viking purple , sucker for a great rags to riches story! lol Sky is the limit!

My favorite quote/s:
"The Only True Wisdom is in Knowing you Know Nothing" - Socrates

"It is Better To Fail In Orginality Than to Succeed in Imitation" - Herman Melville

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