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Justin Ellington
Justin Ellington

Justin comes to TalkTime after spending several years honing his management skills with AT&T. Enthusiastic for this new challenge, he'll be overseeing three stores in the Pasco market. 

Where am I from?
Detroit, MI; Moved to the Sunshine State.

How did I find myself at TalkTime?
Management w/AT&T; TalkTime is an upcoming rising organization.

What do I love about the mobile industry?
The PEOPLE!!!! All walks of life.

What makes TalkTime a unique place to work?
The overall vision that TalkTime has. I have completely bought into it and want to be part of the vision.

What else would I like you to know about me?
I love Football and Crochet!

My favorite quote/s:
"Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Store Locations:

@ talktimestore on Instagram