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Rusty Moore
Rusty Moore

Another home-grown promotion, Rusty started with TalkTime as a Sales Consultant - but quickly showed the kind of forward thinking that lead her to the role of Ambassador for three Pasco area stores.

Where am I from?
New Port Richey. I have been in the Florida sun my entire life.

How did I find myself at TalkTime?
I worked in the cash office at a local Winn-Dixie for about three years before joining TalkTime. I have worked in the world of customer service since I was in high school and am still in it wholeheartedly, though I was excited for a change of scenery.

What do I love about the mobile industry?
Working in the wireless world provides new challenges and excitement on a daily basis. Technology is always changing the world we live in and I get to be on the front line of that change.

What makes TalkTime a unique place to work?
TalkTime provides a feeling of community and gives its employees a sense of belonging. There is a strong line of communication and I know I always have someone to turn to.

What else would I like you to know about me?
I am a devoted book worm, tattoo enthusiast, and that crazy dog mom who throws her dog a legit birthday party with party hats and all.

My favorite quote/s:
"I was quiet, but I was not blind." - Jane Austen

Store Locations:

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