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Quran In Word 1.2.0 kamhamm




to use by default - but i don't get the package to install? any ideas sudo apt-get install word O_o Not a word processor Anthaas, what is the package you install? Anthaas: sorry, but its not a word processor. mulambo: apt-get upgrade installs ubuntu-desktop, with that metapackage apt-get upgrade is not a word? mulambo, The thing i want to install is ubuntu-desktop mulambo: it's an upgrade of the packages that make up ubuntu-desktop, it will not upgrade any word processor, etc. what about vlc? Pici, Do you mean notepad? mulambo: that's not a word processor, either. nacc, Not a word processor, that is. Anthaas: You mean a word processor, not an editor? no Pici, No, I want a word processor mulambo: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade will not install anything new. I think it is not a word, but I know that vlc is a word Pici, Though a simple text editor is fine, too why people think that every application is a word? mulambo: right, vlc is a video player, but it's not a word processor. mulambo: you keep saying "word" mulambo, For some reason, I don't think any of you actually care what you call it. mulambo: so your question (and my answer) was, "does this package install a word processor"? the answer is no, because it's not a word processor. but I am talking about what to call the software Anyways, I want to install ubuntu-desktop mulambo: you've mentioned "word" seven times




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Quran In Word 1.2.0 kamhamm

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